PVC - 001 (Red Color) PVC - 002 (Dark Red Color)


PVC - 003 (White Color) PVC - 005 (Milk Color)




PVC - 006 (Brown Light) PVC - 008 (Brown Middle)


PVC - 009 (Brown Dark) PVC - 010 (Black 1)





PVC - 011 (Black 2)  



PU - 001 (Dark Chocolate)

(PVC is better than PU)








Curious about what's the difference between PU Leather and PVC,

following are explanation answers.com . Hope it helps, 

PU Leather - is when a Polyurethane sheet is applied to a thin leather back when used in furniture industry. A leather pattern can be stamped on the PU to make it look

and feel like leather. 

PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride is also manufactured in a similar manner but

is normally placed on a cotton or polyester backing.

Pattern can also be applied to the surface.

** PVC can be a more durable surface than PU,**

but does not feel like leather. Also referred to as Vinyl covering for Furniture use. 




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